Whole Wheat Waffles

Plain  $4.95

Fruit Topped  $6.95

Pineapple-Granola  $5.95

Chocolate Chip  $5.95

(choose pure maple syrup for an extra $2.00)

Served with cornbread and homefries

Grilled Veggie Omelet  $6.95
Sauced with lemon-herb dressing

Chorizo, Potato & Cheese Omelet  $6.95

Flank & Feta Omelet  $8.95

Smoked Salmon Scramble  $7.95
With chopped scallions

Scrambled Tofu  $5.95
With tomatoes and roasted peppers

World Food

Breakfast Quesadilla  $7.95
Tortilla stuffed with cheese, scrambled eggs, salsa & black beans
(sprouted wheat tortilla...add 75 cents)

Vietnamese Rice Crepe  $8.25
Folded over shrimp, mushrooms & sprouts; sweet and sour dipping sauce

Huevos Rancheros  
Two sunny side up eggs, ranchero sauce (muy picante) and cheese atop crispy corn tortillas. Served with beans & cornbread.

Two Eggs Any Style  $3.95
Served with cornbread & homefries

Egg substitution available for an additional 50 cents


*for Gluten Free or Vegan, substitute black beans for cornbread